About Garnoff Tea:

Garnoff Tea Company supplies premium Ilex guayusa loose leaf tea to fine retailers across Canada. We can supply whatever quantity you need! Our Guayusa is guaranteed fresh, Organic and is a fair trade product that helps the growers and the land in a sustainable way.

Traditional & Modern Use:

The Amazonian tree known as Ilex guayusa is the superior cousin to Yerba mate and is a true miracle plant as a stimulant, both mentally and physically. 

This makes it an excellent weight loss aid, metabolism booster and fat burner. The Ecuadorian indigenous people drink guayusa tea as a social morning ritual for its dream recall enhancing qualities. Guayusa is said to have shown incredible results in cognitive learning, memory & concentration. 

This tea is a beautiful mood enhancer with very effective stimulation leaving one without anxiety,
heartbeat increase or comedown crash. It is rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and methylxantine alkaloids (including caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine).

We guarantee ours to be the freshest, highest quality and most potent 100% Organic Guayusa on Earth.

Each plant receives great love and respect; masterfully cared for with the perfect balance of shade and water.

The leaves are then shade dried and chopped to a perfect consistency before we import them.

Functioning as a balanced stimulant, guayusa is said to promote restful sleep and good dreams. Unlike coffee, it is said to be good for excessive acidity and other problems in the stomach and bile.

It is believed to be both energizing and relaxing at the same time and develops mental strength. It is smooth and never bitter with a rich, earthy aroma and slightly sweet finish.

Guayusa is an antioxidant-rich "pick-me-up" and a great alternative to coffee!


Make some tea! Use about a rounded teaspoon of the chopped leaves (1.5 grams) for a nice effect. Allow it to steep for several minutes and enjoy!
What you may experience is a high energy building throughout the day with no "rushy" feeling or hard comedown; just a great way to stay awake and feel refreshed!

We thoroughly enjoy our morning and mid-afternoon tea time here at Garnoff, and everyone loves the flavour and feeling they get from this incredible plant!


Unlike coffee or other energy drinks, Guayusa provides balanced energy without the jitters or crash usually associated with caffeinated drinks. It provides a slow release of caffeine for alertness and sustainable energy.

This gentler and more sustainable caffeine release is said to create mental strength and focus rather than a caffeine buzz. It is a distant cousin of Yerba Mate but without the strong, bitter flavour.

Guayusa Whole Leaf  Guayusa Chopped Leaf

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